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Taylor Diesel

Due to the increased production of automobiles and light trucks with diesel engines in 1983, our service department was expanded. Because of this larger demand for extensive vehicle service, Taylor Diesel's Service Department was established.

In our vehicle service department, we can assist customers with the diagnosis and repair of vehicle performance and drive-ability concerns. We have the capability of servicing any diesel from the small single cylinder engines found in the lawn and garden equipment to the twelve cylinder big bore diesels found in the class eight trucks and off highway equipment.

Today we have an eight bay fully secured service facility staffed with 4 factory-trained technicians to handle this task. This team has the capability of troubleshooting and the equipment to assist in diagnosing diesel fuel system problems. Our experience also includes turbochargers and air intake system evaluations, exhaust system analysis, and the installation of performance exhaust systems for light duty trucks and motor homes.

Our vehicle service department is also an Ontario Emission Station for diesel engines, and has the equipment to provide full service diesel emission testing. If your engine does not pass the limits set by the government, we have the knowledge and experience to make the necessary adjustments or repairs to bring your vehicle’s emission within the legal limits.

Chassis Dyno

Taylor Diesel is equipped with an in-house chassis dyno. The dyno is a great tool for diagnostics. The dyno is capable of reading up to 1200 horsepower and 2500 foot pounds of torque. Not only is it a great tool for reading horsepower and torque but finding a drive train noise is much easier on the dyno.

Quick diagnostics helps you get back on the road faster. The dyno can handle everything from cars to tractor-trailers. Twin axle no problem the dyno is equipped to handle the load.