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Dodge Cummins Performance 


The FireFly system is the easiest way to turn your Dodge Cummins into a towing machine. Not only can you unleash the engine’s potential power but you will have the ability to change power levels on-the-fly, monitor turbo boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature with the use of the included Superchips Lazer Gauge.

Edge’s premier product line, the Juice controls timing and duration of injector firing for your Dodge truck to deliver maximum performance, improved driveability and better fuel economy. The Juice with Attitude combination provides on-the-fly adjustability and monitoring capabilities putting knowledge at your fingertips. This plug-in module is easy to install and comes with factory style connections.

BD's new Pulse manifold for '88-02 applications (two-piece offset Pulse available for '03-06 applications) is cast from high-silicon ductile iron which can withstand extremely high temperatures, as well as the additional weight created by bigger single or twin turbo systems. Two expansion joints allow the manifold to expand and contract without cracking or exhaust leaks.

Duramax Performance

When propane is injected into a turbocharged diesel engine there is a tremendous increase in power and torque! Power isn’t the only benefit as you’ll also gain travel range in your rig with the addition of clean burning propane. Superchips’ all new Digital Propane Injection system is the safest propane system available. That’s because Superchips uses a closed loop ECM that constantly monitors the engine parameters, such as propane vapor temperature, over-boost and of course rpm, before any propane is allowed to be added to the engine. If the engine management parameters are not met, no propane is used. Or, if you simply do not want to use the system at certain points, it can be disabled with the flip of a switch. This system also has the capabilities to data-log a number of engine parameters.

Attitude Pillar mounts offer a unique solution for Juice/Attitude owners looking to add that finished factory look to their Edge performance upgrades. Each model is custom molded and can be painted to match the vehicle's stock interior.
• Durable high quality .125” ABS plastic (will not warp or deform even in direct sunlight)
• Vacuum-formed edges
• Manufactured for a perfect fit and finish
• Angled for easy viewing
• Paint to match
• Easy installation

When you've pushed the performance envelop of your Duramax as far as it can go with simple bolt-ons, it's time to step up to the big leagues with BD's new Super Max turbo kit for the 2001-2004 LB7 Durmax engines.

Engineered by BD and built to our exacting specifications by BorgWarner Turbo Systems' AirWerks program, the Super Max creates enough airflow for up to 550-rwhp at 45 pounds of boost on diesel only (up to 675 rwhp with a shot of nitrous!). Increased efficiency reduces exhaust gas temperature (EGT), lowers emissions and even improves fuel economy over the stock turbo.

The unique extended-tip compressor wheel, combined with full-floating journal bearings, was designed to deliver quick spool-up and improve airflow across the entire rpm range-not just the top end-so drive ability won't suffer.

Engineered as a direct replacement, the Super Max Turbo kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation, including a new cast-iron pedestal adapter, exhaust down pipe, oil drain tube, hoses and gaskets. It's backed by a one-year warranty, and it's rebuildable so you can enjoy the benefits of big power for years to come.

Powerstroke Performance

Edge makes power – and lots of it. With five levels to choose from, you can add up to additional horsepower with the push of the button. But power is just the beginning The Edge A2 is an incredibly sophisticated device that is an in-cab controller, provides Award-Winning TomTom GPS Software with preloaded maps of the U.S.A and Canada an added safety feature, the A2 automatically defuels to prevent excessive EGTs, turbo boost and tranny slip and also provides cold engine protection.

Now you can comfortably monitor your turbo diesel’s Boost and Exhaust Gas Temps in one package. EGT’s are displayed from 600-1800 (F) and Boost is displayed up to 50 PSI. The Tranny Lazer Gauge accurately displays fluid temps from 50-250 (F). There’s even a peak limit detector which remembers your highest values - you don’t need to stare at the gauge to take a max reading, the Lazer Gauge remembers for you! Our Lazer Gauges are sure to complement most vehicles from a stocker to a heavily modified performance rig!

The X Tuners for 2003-2006 Ford 6.0 applications have 10 selectable power gains up to 130+ horsepower, plus features like a re-settable top speed limit, transmission shift "learning" capability, and much more. Just plug the X Tuner into the OBD II port under the dash you can down load 3 different transmission programs, 10 levels of engine economy and performance programs, diagnose and erase trouble codes, and download updated programs from the Internet via the unit's USB port connection. BD has unique pulse width timing and duration technology to achieve improved economy and power.