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Taylor Diesel travels all over North America to keep its employees trained with all of the latest knowledge from your suppliers. Factory training is what keeps us on the leading edge! We also attend trade shows and race events following the trends of diesel injection and performance. Keep checking back to this page to have the latest update from Taylor Diesel. We will always have lots of pictures!!!

Need fuel additive? We stock only the best!

Year-round application - improves performance in summer and in winter. Reduces No. 2 fuel pour point by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improved horsepower - with up to a 5 point cetane rating gain, resulting in noticeably better acceleration; fewer downshifts, etc.

Increases fuel economy - more efficient combustion and increased power can result in up to 8% improvement in MPG, thus easily paying for itself.

Easier and faster start-up - especially from cold.

Reduced smoke and particulate emmisions - cleaner burn.

Longer service intervals - detergents protect and clean injectors and help remove deposits and prevent plugging. Lubricants reduce wear of costly injection system components.

Upgrades and stabilizes fuel - No need to buy expensive blended fuel. Reduces sludge and fuel tank contaminants.

Alcohol free - Avoids corrosion and accelerated wear.

Size *8 oz. Pint 1/2 Gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon
Treatment (1:500) 30 gal. 60 gal. 240 gal. 2,500 gal. 27,500 gal.