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The service department consists of 4 factory-trained technicians, providing us with 60 years of combined experience.

They are constantly attending factory training schools and update seminars. This training is needed to gain the knowledge for troubleshooting the ever-changing technology being experienced in the diesel fuel injection industry.

Our focus is to provide a complete rebuilding service on all makes of diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors, and turbochargers. We have secured all of the major manufacturers who have awarded us with the authorization to provide warranty service on these fuel injection systems with the field capabilities to repair and submit the warranty paperwork. The most popular units are on our shelf already rebuilt to accelerate the turnaround process.

Several years ago we purchased two new "state of the art" Hartridge computerized test benches that are used to calibrate the diesel fuel injection pumps. These test stands are manufactured to meet the demands of the new, high output fuel systems and the close tolerances in fuel calibration. These requirements are driven from the federal emission guidelines, which the engine manufacturers such as Cummins, Mack, Detroit & Caterpillar are required to maintain.